Are you looking for the witty + charming, house-Ravenclaw-but-would-prefer-Slytherin, Brooklyn-based, 70% sophisticated/30% quirky, copywriter of your dreams? 

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I'm Sarah and I specialize in copywriting, content creation and strategy. I'm pretty awesome (but I might also be biased) and have some super experience in e-commerce, fashion, tech, start-ups, large corporations, hospitality, digital and print. I'm currently working with an ever-growing list of clients in social media, email marketing and e-commerce (including product pages and long-form native content) that includes:

  • Viacom
  • Marriott
  • Inscape (a meditation app + studio start-up founded by the founder of Intermix)
  • Hitch Switch (a name-change start-up)
  • HICKIES (an athletic apparel start-up)
  • First Leaf (a wine club start-up)

Last year, I was the copy + content manager at a technical underwear start-up called Dear Kate, where I shaped brand messaging and aesthetic and revamped their entire Shopify site during a rebrand. I also strategized marketing and collaborated on the creative concepts for their yoga pant collection launch and dancewear partnership with Capezio (one of the world's most renowned dancewear brands).

Take a look around and, if you want to get in touch, fill out the form below. I'm always up for new projects. 

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